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Donation of
Oxygen Delivery Devices to IDH, Colombo

Brewing Kindness To The Community 

As the nation battles with the spread of the delta variant of COVID19 within the country, the Empire Group has donated a BiPAP machine to the IDH hospital on the 12th of August 2021. This equipment will help people who are experiencing trouble breathing.

Over the last 21 years, our community has played a valuable role in propelling Empire to where it is today. As a responsible corporate operating in the tea industry, we are in a position to help our country at this time, and we are grateful to have come through on this occasion to meet our people’s healthcare requirements.


As much as we value our people, we have also made sure to stay true to our brand promise in catering high-quality products to all of our customers and partners. Our factories have been functioning throughout the pandemic, complying with all safety and health regulations to keep our company running, as the Tea export sector is at the forefront of the economic battle our country faces along with the health crisis.


As the country’s second-largest tea exporter, we believe it is our responsibility to help the country’s economy by ensuring that our production process runs seamlessly even during the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, Empire has been actively involved and concerned in uplifting the livelihood of the community by providing job opportunities for many. Amidst the pandemic, all of our teams worked together to maintain a seamless and continuous flow of production, ensuring a steady supply of our products for all of our customers and partners across the world.


When you join hands with us, you know you are being a part of uplifting many lives!  


We at Empire Group is committed to our Nations wellbeing and prosperity.