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Most Loved and Embraced Ceylon Tea

For more than one hundred and fifty years the word Ceylon has become synonymous with the world’s finest tea. In the world’s eyes and taste buds; tea was Ceylon and Ceylon is tea. Sri Lanka is known for producing tea which is one of the most splendidly enjoyed beverages in the country. Tea for us is second to water and Sri Lankans enjoy at least three cups of tea a day. This choice of drink doesn’t vary from poor to rich and every occasion is celebrated with a cup of tea.

Tea was introduced to Ceylon in 1800 by James Taylor when he began a tea plantation in Kandy and started to manufacture tea. The perfect climate plays a significant role in growing tea. The main tea growing areas in Sri Lanka are Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Bandarawela, Central Province, Uva Province, Haputale, Matara, Galle, Southern Province, Sabaragamuwa Province, Ratnapura, and Kegalle.

The quality of the tea depends on how skillfully it is plucked. The two leaves and a bud are where the perfect aroma and flavor of the tea are presented. Among many other countries known for tea, Ceylon is one of the few countries where each leaf is plucked by hand instead of the use of machinery. To offer the finest tea to our customers the use of machinery is avoided as the twigs will be mixed with the proper leaves which would destroy the flavor of the tea. About 15 to 20 Kilos of tea are plucked skillfully by these women tea pluckers and sent to the nearby factories.

Not only within the local community but Pure Ceylon Tea is known for its quality around the globe. The high-grown black tea is known for its honey golden liquor and light and is among the best teas which have a distinct flavor, aroma, and strength. The low-grown teas have a burgundy brown liquor and are stronger in its taste. The mid-grown teas are strong, rich, and full-bodied. Ceylon black tea is recognized around the globe and is used as the base to make many blends such as earl grey, fruit-flavored teas, herbal teas and etc.

Black tea is not the only tea grown in Sri Lanka. Ceylon green tea also has a similar demand. Ceylon Green Teas has a fuller body and a spicy, malty, and nutty flavor. Most of the green tea produced in Sri Lanka has a unique taste and is exported to Middle Eastern and North African Countries. Apart from Ceylon Black Tea and Green Tea, white tea which is also known as “Silver Tips” is one of the priciest teas in Sri Lanka.

Pure Ceylon Tea is indeed exquisitely famous for its rich tastes and aroma and is produced, processed, and distributed with a lot of care and love to offer everyone the privilege of tasting such a wonderful beverage.

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